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Normal Displacement (v. 1.2)
(Layout displacement plugin, LW7.5 and later, not tested with prev. versions)

Q: Uh? Doesn't Lightwave have a Normal Displacement? Why would i want this?

A: Right, it does. And this plugin initially didn't really do anything new. But i found LWs NormalDisplacement awfully slow and it produced artifacts wherever possible... :-/
The Bump Displacement added to LW7 (right between Displacement Map and the Add Displacement button) didn't really give me the desired results either.

So i just started out clonig the Normal Displacement and added some little features:
Luminace Center, i.e. which color is interpreted as zero displacement, so you can have positive and negative displacement with one map.
Evaluate Before Bones or World Coordinates. However, it didn't work out as expectes as Before Bones actually doesn't give me the SubPatch cage when having SubD order set to "After Bones" so it does nothing then *hmpf*. Have to ask Newtek what's up with that displacing a SubPatch cage is simply impossible.
Vertex Size enables you to influence texture antialiasing.
Version 1.1 added some envelopes, by multiple requests :)

btw, you might also want to check out the 16bps TIFF-loader.

  x86/Win32 Version: (13kb)
  PPC/OSX Version: (17kb)

Mac-Versions provided by Richard Brak!

Attention: When version 1.1 or newer is installed, scenes saved with version 1.0 will not load correctly anymore! This means the whole scene, not just the displaced object! Unfortunately there is no easy fix for that, as i should've written v.1.0 differently to prevent this, but i didn't know at that point :(
Sorry for that. All newer versions should be compatible to each other...
It is however possible to edit the scene file (with any text editor) to make LW load the scene correctly except the enveloped values.
Oh and one more thing: The maximum number of ND instances per object is 10 now, however i never tested if with the old version more then one worked properly at all...


1.2 Added option to use undisplaced mesh for normal calculation.
Resolved apparently wrong alpha-evaluations, multiple texture layers with alpha should work correctly now.
Reduced memory requirements by over 50% and also improved update performance.
1.1b "Luminance Center" Envelope had distance units instead of percent.
"Vertex Size" could be below zero.
1.1 Added envelopes to displacement offset and luminance center.
Fixed bug that would loose the plugin settings when cloning the object.
Organized channel groups in graph editor.
1.0c Normals were not updated correctly when "Cache Gemoetry" enabled and "Cache Normals" disabled.
Changed default evaluation to "World Coordinates".
1.0b Procedurals could "explode" the object.
Texture layers in alpha blending mode would give artifacts or strange results.
1.0 Initial release